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Who are we?

We are many things but above all we are parents. A group of parents from different walks of life, some with teens, others with toddlers. Some of us are working others stay-at-home parents and others freelancing.

We want to share our moments, our struggles and our victories. Our own experiences of parenting and the journeys we have gone through. And we invite other parents to share their own experiences here too.

Our thoughts on parenting

We believe that there is no ‘right way’ to parent. Whether you breastfeed or bottle feed, sleep train or co-sleep, wean with purees or baby led weaning, it’s all about whatever works best for you and your baby.

We offer tips and helpful info on parenting problems like toddler biting, or getting kids into teeth brushing. We also debate the pros and cons of certain controversial parenting topics like helicopter parenting, attachment parenting or early weaning.

Our aim is that our articles provide some useful information and ideas for parents, and that they help parents make the decision that is right for them.

Through our first person articles we also aim to show a different perspective on parenting. To show the other side, how other people do things and handle situations. To tell of journeys that we may not have experienced or parenting approaches that we had not thought about.

Our Kidspiration

Our Kidspiration section is great for all things crafts. We hope to give parents ideas for simple crafts they can enjoy from home with kids of all ages.

It can help jazz up those rainy afternoons while getting your little one involved in something fun and creative.

We also have some great learning activities. We don’t believe that learning to read, write and count needs to be done at a desk. So we get kids involved any way we can with our fun learning games and experiments!


Our recipes range from party food to hearty soups and snacks. We try to create a bit of everything.

At our heart though we are fans of healthy eating. If it’s gluten free and free from white sugars, we love it! If it’s free from dairy too, that’s sometimes even better. So enjoy our nutritious and delicious family dinners and healthy snacks.

What next?

You can browse our online articles on Parenting, on Parent Life (yes parents need thinking about too!), our Crafts and Learning Activities or our Recipes.

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