Ladybird Egg Cups

Kids Crafts Ladybird Egg Cup with antennae

Fun Kids Craft

Ladybird Egg Cups

What you Need:

An egg box

Red and black paint



Black pom poms

Black pipe cleaners

Googly eyes

Tacky glue or a glue gun

Kids Crafts Ladybird Egg Cups what you need, pom poms, egg carton, paints, pipe cleaner, paintbrush, scissors

Step 2: Cut out the egg box sections and paint them red

Kids Crafts Ladybird Egg Cups step 1 paint cups red

Carefully cut out the six egg box sections and then trim them to neaten up the edges.

Paint them all over with red paint.

Step 3: Add its spots!

Kids Crafts Ladybird Egg Cups step 2 add spots

Use black paint to carefully paint on the spots and the line of the wings.

Step 4: Give it a face

Kids Crafts Ladybird Egg Cups step 3 add ladybird faces

Using either a glue gun or tacky glue stick a small black pom pom at the front of your ladybird.

Then carefully stick on 2 googly eyes.

Step 5: Add the antennae

Kids Crafts Ladybird Egg Cups with antennae

Fold a black pipe cleaner in two and curl the tops.

Glue them onto your little ladybirds to make the antennae.


Ta-da! Enjoy your little family of ladybirds