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Being a working mum - what the truth of working and raising kids is like

The truth about being a working mum

Being a working mum often feels like you’re being pulled in two directions. Both ‘jobs’ feel like they are full time and you are doing your utmost to keep the plates spinning and give each your best.

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To all working mums, ditch the guilt

Who was it that said ‘A mother’s place is in the wrong?’ There’s no one who feels this more than a working mum. You feel guilty about not spending enough time with your child when you’re working and about not spending enough time at work because you have to rush back to look after your child.

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The rise of the mumpreneur

One of the ways a growing number of mums reconcile the demands of work and family is to shun the traditional 9-5 and start up their own business

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15 productivity hacks for working from home

Work from home is a great option for parents, providing flexibility to juggle work and family life. However, it’s best to take steps to make sure that the lines between the two don’t blur and you end up feeling frazzled.