Rainbow Fishy

fun kids crafts - rainbow fish finished

Fun Kids Crafts

Rainbow Fishy

What you need:
Kids Craft - Rainbow Fish - what you need sequins, putty, spatula, paint, roller

  • White air drying clay
  • Blue paint
  • Sequins
  • Google eyes
  • A knife/clay knife
  • A rolling pin

Step 1: Prepare the Clay

Kids Craft - Rainbow Fish - step 1 neaded clay with blue paint ready to mixRoll some air drying clay in a ball, kneading it well as you do to remove any air bubbles.

You can make white fish but they look so much prettier if you colour your clay.

To colour your clay push your thumb into the entre of your ball to make a hollow.

Squeeze in some blue paint.

Step 2: Add Some Colour

Kids Craft - Rainbow Fish - step 2 clay neaded with blue paint - marbledThis next bit is messy so it’s best to use some gloves (washing up gloves will do).

Knead the clay, mixing in the blue paint.

Keep squashing and squeezing it, adding more blue paint as you go until the clay is a nice marbled blue colour.

Step 3: Cut out your fish
Kids Crafts - Rainbow Fish step 3 rolled out marbled clay and cut out shape of a fish

Roll out your ball of clay on a board using a rolling pin.

Carefully cut out an outline of a fish, using a clay knife or a sharp knife.

Adults should do this bit, especially if the knife is sharp.

If you don’t get it right first time don’t worry, you can just squish it all up and roll it out again!

Step 4: Give it Colourful Scales

Kids Craft - Rainbow Fish - step 3 add sequins

Press in a googly eye and then start pushing sequins into the body.

Push them in a line, each one slightly overlapping another to look like scales.

We found some pretty oval shaped sequins but round ones work nicely too.

Kids Craft - Rainbow Fish - step 3 adding sequins

After your first line start pressing in your second line of sequins just behind the first.

You can see how they are already beginning to look like rainbow scales.

Step 5: Add tail and fins

fun kids crafts - rainbow fish finished

To finish make lines to decorate the tail and fins.

Leave your sparkly rainbow fish to dry.

You could make a few rainbow fish to make a mini shoal.