Little Rock Monsters

fun pebble craft - monster rocks bright colours

Enjoy this fun pebble craft which is quick and easy to do with kids of all ages. They will love the process of collecting the pebbles and quickly transforming them into fun decorations, with just a bit of paint. Let their imaginations run wild with the different expressions these little rock monsters can pull. Afterwards you can keep the pebbles indoors as decorations or leave them somewhere outdoors for other children to find!

Fun pebble craft - monster stones - you will need

You will need:

  • A selection of smooth flat pebbles
  • Acrylic paints (acrylic works better over childrens paint)
  • Paintbrushes
  • Ear buds (optional)


fun pebble craft monster stones step two paint the stones

Step 1: Paint the stones

Gather some small flat pebbles on a family walk.

Give them a quick wash and let them dry before you start painting.

Paint them all over with bright colours.

Acrylic paints work really well to cover the stones and they dry with a nice shine.

Your monster rocks will look better if you leave the first coat to dry and then apply a second coat.


fun pebble craft - monster stones step two paint on eyes

Step 2: Paint the eyes

Paint little white dots for the eyes.

Quick Tip: If you dip an ear bud into white paint you can make much neater circles than using just a paintbrush.


fun pebble craft - monster rocks bright colours

Step 3: Give them some funny expressions

Use black paint to add dots to the centre of the eyes and to paint on the mouths.

Your child might also want to paint on some teeth, ears, spots, zigzags or other monster details.

Let their imagination flow!

If you want your pebbles to last longer (and if you plan to put them outside) then add a quick coat of varnish too finish them off. It’s always better for an adult to do this bit.

Enjoy your Rock Monsters!

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Why not join the #Love on the Rocks craze and leave your pebbles for other little monsters to find?

Have you heard about the #Love on the Rocks craze that is taking over social media? It’s a craze that started in America but has made its way over to our shores and it keeps on growing. The idea is simple (and lovely). You simply paint some pebbles however you like. You could make the monster rocks that we showed you above or simply paint pretty patterns or kind messages. Then gather your rocks and take them with you on a family walk. Hide your pebbles along the walk for other people to find as a little treat. Lots of Facebook groups are popping up all over the UK where people can add photos and messages about where they have hidden their rocks and where they have found them in their local areas. Search ‘Love on the rocks UK’ on Facebook to see if you can find a group near you or visit this one: Love on the Rocks UK.