Unicorn Stones – Fun Stone Craft

stone craft - kids craft - finished result

Unicorns have made a big comeback with more and more unicorn parties emerging, along with unicorn bags and decorations that kids love. Enjoy this fun stone craft, transforming the ordinary pebble into a beautiful unicorn ornament. They’re quick, easy to do, great fun for kids and will brighten up any desk or shelf.

stone craft - kids craft - unicorn stones - what you need

You will need:

  • Large smooth pebbles
  • White acrylic paint
  • Paintbrush
  • A black permanent marker
  • Gold card
  • Scissors
  • A glue gun or tacky PVA glue
  • Little gems or flowers


stone craft - kids craft - unicorn stones - paint stone white

Step 1: Paint your pebbles

Gather some small flat pebbles on a family walk.

Give them a wash and pat dry before starting to paint them.

Paint your pebbles with white paint. Acrylic paint gives a good coverage and dries with a nice shine.

You will probably find that your pebbles need two coats to look really neat.


stone craft - kids craft - unicorn stones - draw on eyes ears and nostrils

Step 2: Draw on the eyes

Wait until the paint is completely dry.

Use a black permanent marker to draw on the eyes and the outlines of the ears.

If you want, add little nostrils.


stone craft - kids craft - unicorn stones - add pink ears and cheeks

Step 3: Add some pink

Using very fine paintbrush paint the insides of the unicorn’s ears pink.

Add little circles or hearts on the cheeks.


stone craft - kids craft - unicorn stones - add on horn and decorations

Step 4: Add the unicorn horn

Cut little triangles from glittery gold card to make the horns.

Stick them on either using a glue gun or tacky PVA glue.

If you are doing this craft with very small children then adults should always be the ones to use the glue gun as they can get very hot.

Then stick on little flowers, or gems to decorate your unicorns and make them look super pretty.

And voilá a beautiful set of Unicorn Stones!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this fun unicorn stone craft. If you want to try another fun stone craft for kids take a look at our Ladybird Pebbles, Rock Monsters and even a Pebble Hedgehog Family.

Why not join the #Love on the Rocks craze and leave your pebbles for other little stone craft makers to find?

Have you heard about the #Love on the Rocks craze that is taking over social media? It’s a craze that started in America but has made its way over to our shores and it keeps on growing. The idea is simple (and lovely). You simply paint some pebbles however you like. You could make the unicorn stones that we showed you above or simply paint pretty patterns or kind messages. Then gather your rocks and take them with you on a family walk. Hide your pebbles along the walk for other people to find as a little treat. Lots of Facebook groups are popping up all over the UK where people can add photos and messages about where they have hidden their rocks and where they have found them in their local areas. Search ‘Love on the rocks UK’ on Facebook to see if you can find a group near you or visit this one: Love on the Rocks UK.